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Christ Came Forth from India: Georgian Astrological Texts of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries

Grove, Timothy Paul  
Brill (October 26, 2020)

Russian Practices of Governance in Eurasia Frontier Power Dynamics, Sixteenth Century to Nineteenth Century

Gulnar T. Kendirbai
Routledge, 2020


This book analyses the role of the mobility factor in the spread of Russian rule in Eurasia in the formative period of the rise of the Russian...

A History of the Second Türk Empire (ca. 682-745 AD)

Hao Chen
Brill, 2021

This book is an outstanding work of scholarship, which builds on a...

The Silk Road Trap: How China’s Trade Ambitions Challenge Europe

Holslag, Jonathan  (Author)
Cambridge University Press(March 27, 2019)

The New Geopolitics of the South Caucasus: Prospects for Regional Cooperation and Conflict Resolution

Hunter, Shireen T. (Editor, Contributor)
Lexington Books (September 22, 2017)


US Policies in Central Asia: Democracy, Energy and the War on Terror

Ilya Levine
Routledge (December, 2019)


Democracy promotion, security and energy are the predominant themes of US policy in Central Asia after the Cold War. This...

Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang, Revised and Updated, Revised and Updated Edition

James A. Millward
Columbia University Press, 2021 December

Since antiquity, the vast Central Eura...

Islam, Society, and Politics in Central Asia

Jones, Pauline

Sustainable Energy in Kazakhstan: Moving to Cleaner Energy in a Resource-rich Country

Kalyuzhnova, Yelena  &  Pomfret, Richard

China’s Grand Strategy: Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Supremacy

Kashmeri, Sarwar A. (Author)
Philadelphia Press (Jul 19, 2019)

 Sarwar Kashmeri in China’s Grand Strategy: Weaving a New Silk Road to Global Primacy
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