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Making Uzbekistan Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR

Khalid, Adeeb
Cornell University Press (November 12, 2015)


Kazakhstan’s Developmental Journey: Entrenched Paradigms, Achievements, and the Challenge of Global Competitiveness

Koulouri, Anastasia, Mouraviev, Nikolai (Eds.)
Springer, 2021


Constructing the Uzbek State: Narratives of Post-Soviet Years (Contemporary Central Asia: Societies, Politics, and Cultu...

Laruelle, Marlene (Editor, Contributor)

Being Muslim in Central Asia: Practices, Politics, and Identities

​Laruelle, Marlène (Author)
BRILL; Lam edition (January 11, 2018)


Qazaqlïq, or Ambitious Brigandage, and the Formation of the Qazaqs: State and Identity in Post-Mongol Central Eurasia

Lee Joo-Yup
Brill Academic Publishers, Inc. (December, 2015)

Ancient Korea in the Arabic and Persian Manuscripts

Lee, Hee Soo & Mohammad Bagher Vosoughi (Author)
IICAS (2020)

The Music of Central Asia

Levin, Theodore,  Daukeyeva, Saida and Köchümkulova, Elmira (Editors)
Indiana University...

Hyecho’s Journey: The World of Buddhism

Persianate Selves: Memories of Place and Origin Before Nationalism

Mana Kia
Stanford University Press (May, 2020)


For centuries, Persian was the language of power and learning across Central, South, and West Asia, and Persians received ...

Power and Water in Central Asia

Menga, Filippo   ​ 
Routledge (September, 2020) 
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