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Pious Peripheries: Runaway Women in Post-Taliban Afghanistan (on the way)

Ahsan-Tirmizi, Sonia 
Stanford University Press (May, 2021) 

Iran, Islam and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change

Ansari, Ali M.
University of Chicago Press (May, 2019) 

The Sociology of Central Asian Youth: Choice, Constraint, Risk

Bhat, Mohd.Aslam  
Routledge (January, 2020)

Studies on Sufism in Central Asia

DeWeese, Devin  
Routledge (June 30, 2020) 

Slavery and Empire in Central Asia: Part of Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization

Eden, Jeff
Cambridge University Press (August 30, 2018)


Christ Came Forth from India: Georgian Astrological Texts of the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries

Grove, Timothy Paul  
Brill (October 26, 2020)

Coming of Age in Iran Poverty and the Struggle for Dignity

Hashemi, Manata ​
NYU Press (May, 2020)

On the Threshold of Eurasia: Revolutionary Poetics in the Caucasus

Leah Feldman(Author)
Cornell University Press (October 15, 2018)

Persianate Selves: Memories of Place and Origin Before Nationalism

Mana Kia
Stanford University Press (May, 2020)


For centuries, Persian was the language of power and learning across Central, South, and West Asia, and Persians received ...

Power and Water in Central Asia

Menga, Filippo   ​ 
Routledge (September, 2020) 
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