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Shāh Esmā‘il and his Three Wives A Persian-Turkish Tale as Performed by the Bards of Khorasan

Ameneh Youssefzadeh and Stephen Blum
Brill, 2021

This book is the first full text and t...

Iran, Islam and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change

Ansari, Ali M.
University of Chicago Press (May, 2019) 

Terrorism and Insurgency in Asia: A contemporary examination of terrorist and separatist movements

Bejamin Schreer, Andrew T. H. Tan
Routledge (December, 2020)


Dice and Gods on the Silk Road: Chinese Buddhist Dice Divination in Transcultural Context

Brandon Dotson, Constance A. Cook, and Zhao Lu
Brill, 2021

East-West Artistic Transfer through Rome, Armenia and the Silk Road: Sharing St. Peter's

Christiane Esche-Ramshorn
Routledge, 2021


This book examines the arts and artistic exchanges at the ‘Christian Oriental’ fringes of Europe, especially Armenia.


Studies on Sufism in Central Asia

DeWeese, Devin  
Routledge (June 30, 2020) 

Qarakhanid Roads to China: A History of Sino-Turkic Relations

Qarakhanid Roads to China: A History of Sino-Turkic Relations
Brill, 2022

Qarakhanid Roads to China

Bosnian Hajj Literature: Multiple Paths to the Holy

ABosnian Hajj Literature: Multiple Paths to the Holy
Edinburgh University Press, 2022

This is the first critical and theor...

Chinese-Islamic Works of Art, 1644–1912: A Study of Some Qing Dynasty Examples

Emily Byrne Curtis
Routledge, 2022


Chinese-Islamic studies have concentrated thus far on the arts of earlier periods with less attention paid to works from the Qing Dynasty (1644...

From the Khan's Oven

Eren Tasar, Allen J. Frank, and Jeff Eden
Brill, 2021

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