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No. Title. Author Date Full-text
Vol.7 No.2 Acta Via Serica (2022) - Volume 7, No. 2 Acta Via Serica December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 Table of Contents Acta Via Serica December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 Editors’ Note AVS Editorial Committee December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 Central Asian Carpets, Assyrian Stone Thresholds, and Greco-Roman Mosaics – Cultural Exchange and Integration on the Silk Road He Zhang December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 Identification and Categorization of Jul Designs and Patterns in the Sāsānian Period Davood Shadlou and Amir Shadlou December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 Patterns and Collections: Carpets from Central Asia in the Imperial Russian Imagination Sohee Ryuk December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 The Provenance of Lapis Lazuli, the Written Sources and its Distribution as Pigment in the Wall Paintings of Central Asia and the Middle East Claudio Seccaroni and Michael Jung December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 The Reflection of Persian Gardens in Persian Rug Design: A Comparative Study Hirbod Norouzianpour December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 Before Serindia: The Achaemenid Empire Along and Astride the Silk Roads Marco Ferrario December 2022
Vol.7 No.2 A Study on the Relationships between the Palmette Patterns on Carpets of Sassanid Persia and Silla Korea Hyunjin Cho December 2022