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No. Title. Author Date Full-text
Vol.6 No.2 Acta Via Serica (2021) - VOLUME 6, NO.2 Acta Via Serica December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 Editors' Note Acta Via Serica Editorial Committee December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 Table of Contents Acta Via Serica December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 East-West Exchange of Costume Culture: Focusing on the Analysis of Taq-i Bustan Reliefs of the Sassanian Dynasty of Persia Youngsoo Chang December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 Central Asian Textile Motifs in Late Sasanian Art: On the Origin of Some Decorative Elements at Taq-i Bustan Matteo Compareti December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 Intentional Identities: Liao Women’s Dress and Cultural and Political Power Eiren L. Shea December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 A Tent For The Afterlife? Remarks on a Qinghai-Sichuanese Panel Mariachiara Gasparini December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 Silk and Cotton Textiles, the Principal Maritime Trade Commodities of Ancient India Duraiswamy Dayalan December 2021
Vol.6 No.2 The Terminology of Silks in Texts of the Roman Empire: Qualities, Origins, Products, and Uses Berit Hildebrandt December 2021