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No. Title. Author Date Full-text
Vol.3 No.2 ACTA VIA SERICA(2018)-VOLUME 3, NO.2 ACTA VIA SERICA December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 EDITOR`S NOTE The Editorial Staff December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 The Original Concept of the Silk Road and Richthofen’s Humanistic Ideas YOUNG-PIL KWON December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 The Trade Routes and the Silk Trade along the Western Coast of the Caspian Sea from the 15th to the First Half of the 17th Century SHAHIN MUSTAFAYEV December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 Ancient Seaports on the Western Coast of India: The Hub of the Maritime Silk Route Network DURAISWAMY DAYALAN December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 Silver Road Meets Silk Road: Insights about Mexico’s Insertion into Silk Road Dynamics EDUARDO TZILI-APANGO December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 A Silk Road Hero: King Chashtana MURAT ELMALI December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 The Journey to the East: The Motif of Grapes and Grapevines along the Silk Roads IN-SUNG KIM (HAN) December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 Ali Bey Hüseyinzade and His Impact on National Thought in Turkey and the Caucasus UMUT UZER December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 Opinions on the Turks’ Turkic Translation Activities in the Period of Taspar Qagan KÜRŞAT YILDIRIM December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 Pax Sinica along the Silk Road: Avant-Garde Perspectives on Eurasian Geopolitics CAGRI ERDEM December 2018
Vol.3 No.2 ORIGINAL & RARE DOCUMENTS TRANSLATION(Articles Published about Korean Turco-Tatars in the Magazine Yanga Yapon Muhbiri) A. MERTHAN DÜNDAR December 2018