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Title Global History: Understanding Islamic Astronomy
Volume Vol. 4 No. 2
Pages pp. 97~118 (all 22 pages)
Publication Date December, 2019
Keyword Islamic Astronomy, Observatories, Samarqand, History of Sciences, Global History
Abstract This study presents a new conceptualization of the history of Islamic astronomy. Islamic history is an embedded global cultural phenomenon and will be analyzed at different levels: a) the history of institutional aspects (observatories, including buildings), b) instruments, c) manuscripts, and d) scholars. This phenomenon will be analyzed as a multi-lingual phenomenon with Arabic as the language of sciences as a starting point. Although this is not a study of a geographical region in a narrow sense, it is a historical note on the entanglement of research written in Arabic, Persian and other languages and contextualized in a framework reaching geographically far beyond the confines of the Islamic world and being part of global history.