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Title Confucian Knowledge and Concepts in the Translation of Islam in China
Volume Vol. 4 No. 1
Pages pp. 111~124 (all 14 pages)
Publication Date June, 2019
Keyword China, Confucianism, Islam, Translation, Confucian Islam
Abstract This article aims to explore how Confucian knowledge and concepts were adapted, consolidated, and negotiated in the translation of Islam in China. Translation has always played a key role in producing and disseminating knowledge across cultures and languages, but little has been discussed to identify “the intimate connection between translation and the mediation of knowledge” (Baker 2018). Drawing on the studies of Chinese Confucian scholars on Islam, such as Wang Daiyu, Liu Zhi, and Ma Dexin, this article argues that Islam in China features many aspects of Neo-Confucianism that highly appreciate secular morality resulting in Confucian Islam, and that this was rationalized based on the similarities between Confucianism and Islam, placing Islam on a par with Confucianism for indigenization.