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Review articles in Acta Via Serica differ from conventional book reviews. First, they usually consider a number of books that address a similar topic, rather than a single work. Second, in addition to describing the contents of the works under review, a Acta Via Serica review article should advance our understanding of one or more of the major substantive or methodological themes suggested by those works. The review should evaluate the book’s strengths and weaknesses. The review should assess the book’s place in its field including comments on how the book fits in with other studies on similar topics, and on the potential value and impact of the book.

It is very important to have your book review done in the time frame requested when you agree to do a review. Ideally, book reviews should appear as soon as possible after the publication of the book. Additionally, by committing to review a title for the Acta Via Serica, you receive a free copy of the book to be reviewed. Under certain circumstances, if a reviewer is unable to complete the review in a timely manner, we may request that the review copy be returned.

Please use the following format for the heading of your review:
- Author. Title. Place of publication: Publisher, Date of publication. No. of pages. Price.
- Please type your name as you wish it to appear in the review (no titles or degrees, please),
  along with your institution, and its city and country at the end of the review.
- The review should be written in concise, clear English, follow the Chicago Manual of Style or
  the SBL Handbook of Style. Book reviews should have a target word count of 900-1200 words.

Electronic copy (Word Documents only) of the completed review should be submitted to the journal via Note that the book review editor reserves the right to decline unsolicited reviews.

By committing to review, you are committing not to review it elsewhere. Trinity Journal holds the copyright to your review. Contributors who wish to repost their writing on personal blogs or websites after publication must receive permission from Acta Via Serica.