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Acta Via Serica is a peer-reviewed journal published by Academia Via Serica of Keimyung University, Daegu/South Korea. The primary objective of Acta Via Serica is to provide an intellectual platform for the scholars; to this end, the journal welcomes original interdisciplinary research papers based on humanities and social sciences as well as book reviews and commentaries concerning the field of Silk Road and the Middle Hemisphere.
You can submit your article at any time throughout the year. The rolling submission deadlines, corresponding with the publication of journal issues, are as follows:
- Submission Round 1: March 30th - Publication, June 30th
- Submission Round 2: September 30th - Publication, December 30th 
Please follow the “Submissions Guidelines” available at

If you have any inquiries, please contact the Managing Editor at

The editors of Acta Via Serica invite the submission of manuscripts pertinent to the goals of the journal and Academia Via Serica. These goals include promoting diverse interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches to Central Asian studies, especially within the arts and humanities and social sciences, as well as significantly increasing the availability to the international community of scholarly articles, translations, interviews and reviews in this expanding field.

Acta Via Serica is published semi-annually on June 30 and December 31 and accepts submissions of papers on Middle Hemisphere studies topics throughout the year.

Manuscripts should be written in English. Abstract should be written in English, in addition to the contributor’s native language.

Manuscripts should be submitted as an electronic file attachment in Microsoft Word format.

Article manuscripts should not exceed forty pages in length and be double-spaced through-out, including footnotes, indented quotations, and references. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 point. Book reviews should be a maximum of six pages in length. Manuscripts should be around 7000 words (not including references, appendices, etc.). Longer manuscripts will be accepted for review following consultation with the Managing Editor.

Manuscripts should use footnotes rather than endnotes.

Formatting should be kept to a strict minimum: manuscripts should use A4 pagination, and titles and subtitles should be the same size and in the same font as the main text.

Authors are encouraged to submit tables, figures, maps, and other illustrations along with their manuscripts these should, however, be sent as separate files; please do not include them in the text of the manuscript.

The manuscript should have a separate title page with the title, the author’s name, affiliation, status and full contact details (e-mail, address, and telephone). For manuscripts written by multiple authors, clearly indicate who will handle correspondence (as the Corresponding Author) at all stages of refereeing and publication. As authors’ affiliation, status and e-mail are included in all articles published in Acta Via Serica, authors should notify the editors as soon as possible should any of these change. The first page of the manuscript proper should bear the title, but not the author’s name, followed by a brief abstract of no more than 250 words and five key words.

In addition to academic articles and reviews, Acta Via Serica will also consider review articles, interviews and literary and academic translations for publication. Book reviews should be submitted as email attachments in word format, with no abstract or keywords.

Authors can either use the social science system of citation (author-date in the text, with a separate table of references at the back) or the humanities system (full reference at first citation, abbreviated thereafter). Please refer to the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago and London: Univ. of Chicago Press), for more detailed guidelines on citation rules and style preferences.

All manuscripts submitted to Acta Via Serica should neither have been published already nor be under review for publication elsewhere.

The submission of a paper will be taken to imply that the author will automatically agree that upon its acceptance for publication its copyright will belong to the Academia Via Serica, Keimyung University.