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Acta Via Serica is an international, peer reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal published in English by Academia Via Serica, Keimyung University (KMU), Daegu, Korea. The journal was established in 2016 for the purpose of promoting new research on Silk Road/Central Asia in all academic disciplines within the arts and humanities and social sciences. It is published semi-annually and accepts submissions of papers throughout the year. Before being accepted for publication, all manuscripts are carefully evaluated and refereed by an international editorial board composed of leading scholars in their respective fields.

Acta Via Serica mainly concerned with the history, politics, cultures, religions, and economies of the Silk Road countries/regions. These include a number of countries ranging from Korea to Turkey through Central Asia, Caucasus and the Middle East.

Acta Via Serica would also cover a number of peripheral countries/regions in relation to their links/policies vis-à-vis the historical Silk Road.

In those historical terms, Silk Road is defined as:
 • The epicenter of one of the first waves of globalization
 • Connecting eastern and western markets, spurring immense wealth,
 and intermixing cultural and religious traditions

Consequently, the central aims of Acta Via Serica:
 • Reflect and promote advances in area-based scholarship in the social sciences and humanities
 • Enhance understanding of processes of local and regional change that make the Silk Road
 countries an area of significant contemporary interest